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East Bay International Inc.

P.O. Box 359

Fox Island, Washington, 98333, USA

1 (253) 549-7980

Broker #1

William Drenik
Business description:

East Bay International Inc. is a family run business established to service US franchises in the international marketplace. The company's success was based on quality service that allowed us to keep customer loyalty for many years. In 1982 we began to venture into the international marketplace with a well-known U.S. fast food franchise as our first customer, which also was just venturing into the global expansion. Having no international experience in 1982, we took the opportunity as a challenge and learned every aspect of international business as it related to our activities. This experience gave us the needed skills that were required to offer the quality service that our customers deserved. In 1990 East Bay International, Inc. was born. We continued to expand our exports to 35 countries taking on logistics responsibilities for two more, well established US franchises. We have used our international experience and contacts to diversify our business activities and have enabled us to offer products and services to many countries around the world. EBI also offers consulting services to US franchises that are considering venturing into the international marketplace. EBI also advises US franchises that have an existing international franchise program in place, but is experiencing problems, which affects current operations and future expansion programs. EBI offers 1-3 day seminars and will educate your staff on all aspects of the process and address any current issues. We will also demonstrate why it is important to customize individual programs for each franchisee based on his regional and local requirements. EBI also distributes US retail food and related products to several countries. Since 1997 EBI has continued to expand its line of export products with an efficient consolidation process. Consolidating several product lines into one container shipment allows for lower inventory requirements by the importer. It is the most cost effective way to export. Printing/labeling services are offered to those customers that have specific requirements that must be met for customs clearance.

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