Business for sale in United Kingdom – Relocatable – City of London – Co141-offers invited ownership and intellectual property rights to the fast growing international sport of “rock-it-ball” including all patented equipment sales and training fees-relocatable

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Business for sale in United Kingdom - Co141-offers invited ownership and intellectual property rights to the fast growing international sport of rock-it-ball including all patented equipment sales and training fees-relocatable

Asking Price: 1 £ Real Estate: Lease
Sales Revenue: 180,000 £
Net Profit: 62,000 £
Year Established: 2005
Employees: Not Disclosed
# of family members employed: Not Disclosed
Location criteria:
United Kingdom/City of London/Relocatable

Business types:

Arts, entertainment & Recreation

Business categories:

Other Arts, Entertainment & Amusement Businesses

Business description

this is a unique opportunity to acquire the ownership and rights to one of the fastest growing sports on the planet, “rock-it-ball”. The game was developed in 2005 by the two current owners and can be played either indoors or outdoors by both sexes and all ages. Each player has a special patented “rock-it” which has a thrower/catcher at each end and this is used to propell a ball at their opponents. Points are scored by hitting their opponent anywhere below the neck region and by successfully catching the ball which has been propelled at them by their opponent. To make the game faster and include all of the players at all times there are five balls in play at any one time. This leads to an extremely fast game. A list of rules and regulations has been set up and is regularly monitored by the games independent governing body. The game is easy to learn allowing success at all levels, in-expensive to play and a perfect sport to be taught in schools, although the spectacle of the game is an awesome one when played in the hands of an expert. The owners have gone through exhaustive design and testing processes to provide the best equipment possible to play the game and the “rock-it” is a high-tech piece of sports equipment made from indestructable specialist nylon. There are two “rock-its” available to purchase, the “rock-it pro” for adults and the “junior rock-it” for children, both of which are trademarked. Each “rock-it”comes supplied with a special half pressure orange tennis type ball with the children using a softer foam ball. The partners handle all of the promotion, sales, invoicing and training, with sales of circa 16,000 units per annum. There is capacity within the factory to make 10,000 units per week and the factory also handles the distribution of the equipment. The product is distributed and sold throughout the uk by five major school wholesalers who buy directly from the factory in bulk. The training and instruction is handled by one of the two partners and currently with circa 7,000 schools playing the game in the uk their time is in demand. Training days are currently averaging circa one day per week where the trainer goes into the school and teaches both the pupils and the teachers on the basic rudiments of the game. The cost for this is currently £480 per day plus expenses. The game is now played worldwide in over fourteen countries and has its own governing body. There is a national “rock-it –ball” league in the uk and the world cup was inaugurated in 2007. It is now played in over 7,000 uk schools sports colleges,and holiday camps. The recent national championships were shown on national tv and the game is part of the sport education resource pack for schools and associated with the youth sports trust, backed by the government. Rock-it-ball has been mentioned as a future olympic sport. Loughborough university has selected rock-it-ball as it's main drive in their schools “outreach” programme as well as having 12-15 regular “inter mural” teams playing on a regular basis. Key strengths: the sport has no direct competition and is unique in its concept. There is no doubt that this sport can grow quickly due to a number of factors. It is easy to understand. It is in-expensive to play, can be played by all ages and both sexes, it can be played indoors or outdoors on any surface. And is attractive to schools both from a financial point of view and that it conforms to government criteria for “sports education”. The sport is further re-enforced by it's inclusion in 4 government backed programmes with the youth sport trust. The 2011 sainsbury's “active kids promotion will include rock-it-ball as part of the sports equipment on offer through the in store voucher system and is a prestigous achievement for the sport. New owners would hold all of the rights, trademarks and patents for the sport and will benefit from further development of ancillary products such as clothing, sale of new style “rock-its”, merchandising, and further worldwide training. The sport has general appeal to all but has helped disadvantaged young people with disruptive elements in society. Corporate organisations have found rock-it-ball to be superb in team building. It has appeal for admininstrators due to the honesty factor which is prevalent within the sport. The sport ticks all boxes from the aims and objectives in sport from government and educational establishments is part of the sports curriculam of many uk schools. Growth and expansion: the current high level of sales has been achieved without any marketing budget. The sport has never been advertised, all growth has been by word of mouth from school to school and from pupil to pupil. The game was launched only five years ago and in that time has established itself as one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Whilst 20% of the schools in the uk already play “rock-it-ball” there is still a huge national uk market to pursue. The game is quickly establishing itself around the world and can easily be introduced to many other countries. The sport has gone through the initial teething troubles of launching itself, finding a reliable production factory with dedicated distribution, and appointing reputable wholesalers to help the distribution of the products. This is now a perfect time for new owners to take the sport forward and begin a serious and effective marketing campaign both in the uk and worldwide to promote this exciting game. There is the opportunity for new owners to license either the game or the equipment in other countries worldwide should they wish, allowing plenty of scope for future expansion. Equipment: all of the tooling for the manufacture/assembly of the equipment is owned by the company. Registrations, trademarks and patents: trademarks have been granted for “rock-it-ball” (uk) & “rock-it-pro” (uk) europe, australia, china, japan, new zealand, canada & south africa patents have been lodged in all of these countries. Design registrations have been applied for in europe & usa. A patent & trademark have been lodged in the uk & europe for a new training device named “rock-it-shot”a new product, ready for launch designed to improve the targeting skills of rock-it-ball players, and is an audible target.

Additional information

Additional information: Not Disclosed
Support & training: The owners would be happy to help with a smooth transfer of the business in any way possible.
Reasons for selling: it now needs a major worldwide marketing campaign and distribution network
Financing available: Not Disclosed
Inventory / Stock value: Not Disclosed

Real Estate

Ownership: no
Lease: yes
Lease terms: Not Disclosed
Location: The two partners each operate from their own homes, therefore the business is completely re-locatable.

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